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Watering and setting your sprinkler system:

The most important part of a healthy lawn is monitoring the weather conditions and growth patterns of your lawn and adjusting the water accordingly.

More is Not Always Better with Lawn Watering

Only use your sprinkler system for non grass zones in April and May unless we are in the biggest drought ever. There are a couple of reasons why more is not better when it comes to watering your lawn. While water is essential for plant health and growth, too much can lead to rapid and weak growth. Watering too much in the spring is a waste because once the soil is saturated, excess water will drain off into the ground water system. If the soil remains saturated, lawns can suffer from lack of oxygen, which is equally as bad as suffering from drought. Also, you should not water your flower beds at the same time that you water your turf, as turf and flowers have different water requirements. If you consider your watering setup a "one irrigation heads fits all" system, neither your lawn or your flowers will be happy.

In June start running your sprinkler system two days per week. Special attention on steep slopes and hard spots is required. Extra slow watering and aeration spring and fall on trouble spots is recommended.

During the heat of the summer (July and August) it is necessary to irrigate an extra 30% per zone than your June setting to compensate for the lack of rainfall and extreme heat. Change your watering to 3 times per week. Do not let the grass undergo drought.

Finally the time of day you water should be between 3:00 am and 10:00 am. This will allow the water to penetrate deeper into the soil and avoid evaporation, while also keeping the amount of water on the grass blade to one time a day. Watering early morning 3 days per week reduces the possibility of fungus. Now, with the proper watering days, correct duration and the proper watering time, you are well on your way to a beautiful lawn!

Do not water on your scheduled mowing day or the day after!

Mowing Day - Set sprinkler system to run:
Monday - Wednesday, Friday, Sunday
Tuesday - Thursday, Saturday, Monday
Wednesday - Friday, Sunday, Tuesday
Thursday - Saturday, Monday, Wednesday
Friday - Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Saturday - Monday, Wednesday, Friday