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Snow & Ice Management

Lawn Seasons is the best choice for commercial snow management for your subdivision, street or business. When it snows, we know how much your employees would love to have a day off, but we know your business can't shut down due to a little snow and ice. Here at Lawn Seasons we will work with you before the temperature drops to develop a snow and ice management plan tailored to your property. We will start by walking every inch of your property and noting hazards that may not be noticeable under a large snowfall. We can then sit down and discuss your business hours and the best way to service your property.

As with all our maintenance services, we are prompt and professional during our snow & ice services. We will monitor radar and weather forecasts before the storm to plan our snow and ice control strategy. If it snows during business hours we can service your site during those hours. If it is a weekend storm and you don't need the snow removed till Monday, we can save you money by servicing the property differently. We offer follow up service after the storm if weather conditions warrant.

When a storm is forecasted, we stand by 24/7 monitoring weather forecasts and radar date. Lawn Seasons has the equipment and manpower to handle any snow or ice storm mother nature has in mind.

Ice Management:

We can de-ice by putting rock salt or other ice melters down before an ice or snow event will help to prevent ice from forming. Done property, de-icing keeps snow in a softer, slush like state, making it easier to drive through or snow plow for a longer period of time.

Other benefits include:

  • Makes pavement safer for drivers sooner
  • Reduces the application frequency which in turn reduces material costs
  • Reduces corrosion and environmental damage

At Lawn Seasons, we offer you options when it comes to ice melters.

Rock salt (sodium chloride)
Magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, or potassium chloride
Blended products to satisfy your needs

Why is that important?

Rock salt is only effective to approximately 18 degrees Fahrenheit and is 5 times less effective at 20 degrees F than at 30 degrees F. By utilizing other ice melters we can offer you faster and more efficient melting capacity than with salt alone. Ice melters are safer for the environment. Choose Lawn Seasons and let us put our experience to work for you!

Call us for an estimate and we will set up an appointment, examine your facility, subdivision or street with you and develop a plant for inclement weather to fit your specific needs.