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Sod Installation

The quickest way to enhance the appearance of your lawn is through sod. Sod installation offers instant results unlike seeding but it is generally more expensive. Lawn Seasons obtains the sod directly from a reputable sod farm. This eliminates the time the sod is spent not planted. The sod we plant has already been fertilized and is ready for instant installation. We will prepare the ground for new sod by removing existing grass and weeds and grading if necessary. Sod will be delivered fresh to your property after being cut at the farm. To receive the wholesale sod farm pricing you must order sod by the pallet. Kentucky Bluegrass and Premium Fescue pallets of sod cover 540 square feet and Zoysia pallet of sod covers 360 square feet. If a pallet is more than you need we can order smaller quantities at your local nursery.

Laying new sod to create a stunning lawn is both an art and a science, and our highly trained SOD PRO team has perfected both.

The sod we use is of the very highest grade available and we offer a variety of different grasses and turf. After examining the site, we will advise you on the particular type of lawn we recommend for your property.

Once you decide the best choice for your landscape, we will prepare the site to ensure proper drainage.

The sod is expertly laid with careful consideration of the surrounding walkways and buildings, following gradients and curves to ensure visual and aesthetically beautiful lines.

Our SOD PRO team takes great care in their work, laying each piece by hand. When we have finishing laying the sod it will be carefully rolled to ensure that it will be perfectly level when we are through.

Once your sod is installed you will have that beautiful lush lawn you have always dreamed of. Reminder: water every day for two weeks starting right after the sod is installed.