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This service is offered to our weekly lawn mowing customers only.

Over the last few years in our area moles have become a huge problem. There are many reasons but the main one is hunger. For a relatively small creature, they can consume huge amounts of food. The tunneling is the evidence of scouring for food. Their primary source of food is earth worms. Since earth worms are essential for good soil, we do not recommend removal. The best way to remove moles is to treat with mole baits or traps. Contact Lawn Seasons if you are interested in lowering the number of moles that are destroying your property.

In addition to mole baits we can put mole traps in your lawn to ensure the mole problem is eliminated. Mole traps have evolved over the years and we now have the most efficient traps available. Depending upon the situation we may employ baits, traps or both.

As traditional mole catchers we do not use gas to remove moles. The mole catcher will survey the ground looking for signs of the mole molehills and raise mounds above tunnels. With an iron probe he will locate mole runs and feeding tunnels, selecting the right tunnel is key to catching your mole. The type of soil and time of year all affects mole trapping, in winter moles go deeper away from the front.

Mole traps are usually inspected about a week later, providing we have caught what we expect and there is no more molehills or fresh evidence of moles the traps can be taken up.