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Mulch/Decorative Rock

Mulch with optional spade edging:

Your lawn is your most valuable possession and your landscaping contributes significantly to its' value. One of the most overlooked, yet beneficial elements of landscaping is mulching. Mulch should be spread once or twice a year to replace the mulch that has broken down. Not only does mulch give the landscape a clean appearance, the broken down mulch provides nutrients to the plants around it as well as holding in moisture so that less watering is needed. It also provides insulation for the plants and bushes.

We can deliver and install any variety or type of mulch. I always recommend 2-3 inches of organic mulch. Brown hardwood oak is the most common. Color enhanced mulches were very popular last year especially mile chocolate and black magic.

At any given time there should not be more than 4 inches of mulch in a planting bed. We can remove excess mulch and replace it with a new fresh coating. We make sure mulch is not mounded up on shrubs, tree trunks, houses or other items in the planting bed. We can also turn over existing mulch to freshen it up.

As spring approaches it's time to clean up landscape beds and excess leaves and branches in the yard that remain from the last year.

Pre-emergence herbicides are another tool to improve weed control over mulch alone. Most pre-emergence herbicides do not control existing weeds. Therefore, the application timing is essential in ensuring that the herbicide is in place before weed germination. Early spring applications applied before the new mulch will control summer-annual weeds such as large crabgrass and spurge. Pre-emergence in mulch beds gives you a head start on keeping weeds under control and saving hours of weeding year after year. Imagine having a nice new mulch bed and then within a month or two it being covered with weeds. Putting a pre-emergent down annually will decrease the weed population and increase the hours you enjoy your mulch.

We can carefully spray existing weeds in your mulch beds as well as hand pulling them so that you can spend your time the way you want.

We also have Compost Gypsum and Peat Moss available.

Coarse Hardwood Oak

Milk Chocolate Mulch

Color Enhanced Magic Black

Redwood Mulch

Black Gold Compost

Should I use landscape fabric?

Many people ask about the installation of a fabric prior to mulching. In my opinion the limitations outweigh the benefits. Fabric provides excellent annual weed control when new. However, the surface does not hold the mulch well especially on a slope. Heavy rains will wash off the mulch, exposing the fabric and detracting from the appearance of a landscape. In time, the sun will break down the material and allow weeds to emerge. The fabric barrier also prevents the mulch from breaking down and mixing with the soil below. Any planting or removal will damage the fabric as well.

If installing decorative rock the fabric is a must. If you do not install the fabric prior to spreading decorative rock and decide to change the area later removing the rock becomes a nightmare without the fabric barrier.

Alabama Sunset

Arkansas Pebble

Iowa Rainbow (creek stone)

Iowa Rainbow (regular)

Pink Granite