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Mowing Services

Let us show you how much better your lawn can look when it is maintained by Lawn Seasons. We have been providing both residential and commercial mowing for over 20 years. Regardless of size, we have state of the art professional turf equipment and properly trained personnel for your mowing needs. All lawn obstacles are trimmed around and all concrete to grass contact points are edged upon each visit. Our best "showcase" lawns are a result of our clients taking advantage of all of our professional maintenance services. With Lawn Seasons, we will properly mow your lawn so that it will have fewer weeds and will have an overall healthier look than lawns that are not properly mowed.

Lawn Seasons will provide straight mowing stripes, crisp edges and no clumps for your the lawn on a weekly basis. Our weekly mowing programs promote quality, uniform appearance and promote a healthy turf. Weekly lawn maintenance conveniently billed monthly.

Notice that you never see us mowing with the heavier riding lawn mowers. The cut quality of the riding lawn mowers is inferior and they are more susceptible to rutting and making tire marks.

Our crew members are the same year after year. They will become so familiar with your lawn, you will not need to worry about the concerns you had when different people showed up every week. They will know your property lines, non-level areas and wet spots in the lawn to maintain your lawn beautifully.

Crew members are trained to do the following:

  • Sharpen mower blades daily
  • Mow the correct height all season long
  • Stripe all open areas. Changing mowing direction as needed
  • Trim edge along your driveway, walkways and tree rings
  • Blow grass off all mulch beds and hard surfaces

We do NOT do the following:

  • We will not cut in the same direction each week creating ruts
  • We do not turn our mowers so sharply that it creates a bare spot
  • We do not trim so closely that it kills existing grass
  • We will not cut wet areas with large machines causing extensive damage
  • We will not leave scalp marks

Lawn Seasons will leave your lawn striped and manicured beautifully.

Sign up for our Six Step Fertilizing Program and we will design and coordinate it to compliment our mowing service. Along with your proper watering the lawn will have the root development, turf thickness and beauty you demand.

Have a special request? Contact us and let us know.

Commercial Mowing

St. Louis area commercial companies looking for property landscape management need to look no further. We will make your business, apartment or neighborhood common ground look clean and well maintained. We have the knowledge and the staff to make any property, large or small give a great first impression. Realtors all agree that having a professional landscape management company helps increase the value of your property.